Michelle Davidson

Nurse Partner, Vine Surgery, Street

Michelle Davidson

How long have you been at this practice?

I’ve been here for about 17 years – I started as a Practice Nurse and was here for about 10 years. Whilst I was here I did my nurse practitioner degree, once I was qualified I left for about three years and then I was invited to come back. I said I wanted to come back as a Partner, so I came back as a Nurse Partner which is quite unusual!

What’s the community like here?

It’s so lovely here in Street. I have worked in Weston and Yeovil and they’re such different places. There is a really tight community here. I’m from Northumbria and I have been here for 24 years – I love Somerset, it’s so pretty, and warm!

Tell us about your role as a Nurse Partner

It’s quite a unique role. There aren’t many other people who have had the same experience so I have had to carve my own path and now I have been a partner here for seven years!
I really love it and probably in the last year or so I feel as though I am really coming into my own. The two practices have merged and I think that’s a great opportunity to do even more.
I try to bring a nurse focus and a different eye on things, alongside the GPs.

The great thing about being a nurse is about making it as much or as little as you want it to be.

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