A great place to fulfil your potential

We believe in co-operation, supporting our GPs, Nurses, Practice Managers and the whole general practice team in the importance of flexible working, career development, education and training. But don’t take it from us. Find out what those of us living and working here have to say.

Carol Hobbs square

Carol Hobbs

Programme Director, Somerset Training Hub

“It is a peaceful enjoyable place to live and work”

berge balian square

Dr Berge Balian

Chair of the Symphony Programme Board

“The power of general practice is that you have a relationship with patients.”

cathryn dillon

Dr Cathryn Dillon

Cranleigh Gardens Medical Centre, Bridgwater

“Training in Somerset was fantastic.”

jenny capps

Dr Jenny Capps

GP, Taunton

“Come and visit – you won’t want to leave.”

Dr Karen Sylvester

Dr Karen Sylvester

GP Partner, Glastonbury Surgery

“If you have active children and if you’re active yourself it’s brilliant.”

tom langston

Dr Tom Langston

GP Partner, Crown Medical Centre, Taunton

“We love living in Somerset – so came back.”

will harris

Dr Will Harris

GP Partner, Taunton Vale Healthcare

“Everybody I meet knows that I am trying to help them.”

jill hellens

Jill Hellens

Executive Director, Somerset LMC/SGPET

“We tend to keep the majority of our GP trainees each year and many, if they do leave, return when they have a family.”

katie sperring

Katie Sperring

Trainee Nursing Associate, Redgate Medical Centre, Bridgwater

“It’s a great community. I feel safer when my kids are out and about on their own.”

mark hayden

Mark Hayden

Paramedic based at Crown Medical Centre, Taunton.

“The potential for progression here is so much greater.”

Michelle Davidson

Michelle Davidson

Nurse Partner, Vine Surgery, Street

“I love Somerset, it’s so pretty, and warm!”

Paula Messenger

Paula Messenger

Nurse Advisor, Somerset LMC

“Somerset LMC have provided me with a great opportunity to develop the needs of general practice nursing.”

Sandra Jenkins

Sandra Jenkins

General practice nurse, Taunton Road Surgery, Bridgwater

“The nicest part is the variety. I love not knowing what I’m going to come in and see.”

zoe penny

Zoe Penny

Student nurse, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton

“I used to go to sleep hearing the beeps and the noises but I’ve got used to it now.”

Michelle Davidson

Dr Jon Dolman

Clinical Director, Somerset Training Hub

“We knew that the area would be a fantastic place to bring up our children.”

Paula Messenger

Dr Catherine Ievers

Medical Director, Somerset LMC

“I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with our newly-qualified GPs throughout Somerset.”

Sandra Jenkins

Dr Rianne Sewell

GP & Senior Partner, Quantock Vale Surgery

“It’s just the breadth of life that you’re involved with that makes it a really special job.”

zoe penny

Dr Emma Stuart

GP, Tawstock Medical Centre

“It’s a fantastic friendly place to work.”