Student Placements

Helping develop our workforce of the future.

Offering student placements

By developing more placement opportunities in community and primary care we have a chance to inspire our young people to consider working in these sectors, therefore contributing to workforce development and recruitment of the future workforce.

If you are interested in offering placements for student nurses, trainee nurse associates, or physicians associates get in touch.

If you are a student and wish to have a placement or just spend some time on work experience in a GP surgery in Somerset contact us.

The benefit of a Placement in General Practice, a quote from a third year student nurse from Plymouth University:

“My final sign off placement was in Primary Care at Redgate & Somerset Bridge Surgery, in Bridgwater, Somerset, and it honestly changed my whole outlook on nursing. I was so grateful to have finished my journey as a student in that practice. I have never been allocated a placement so beneficial or useful to my training and I want every student to experience what I did. Prior to this I did not get the best from my placements but this placement made me the autonomous and competent practitioner that I honestly thought I would never be, and I will do anything I can do to help encourage students into primary care”.

Cassie Colebrooke, Third year student, July 2019