Jill Hellens

Executive Director, Somerset LMC/SGPET

Jill Hellens

How long have you worked at Somerset LMC?

21 years.

What changes within general practice have been the most significant to you?

The 2004 New GP Contract and the more recent challenges in Primary care due to the shortages of GPs and the challenges in the NHS.

Why did you start the GP in Somerset campaign?

We were aware that we had an ageing GP workforce and needed to attract more into the county, the area is often forgotten about until you arrive here and see the real beauty and the benefits it has to offer. We tend to keep the majority of our GP trainees each year and many, if they do leave, return when they have a family.

How is the campaign going?

Really well, it has got a lot of engagement through social media and we are aware of 7 GPs who have come to the county through the campaign. We have now expanded the information on the website for all of the general practice team to highlight the innovation that is happening throughout the county.

What do you like about living and working in Somerset?

It has everything I need, great countryside, easy access to the coast, great shopping, huge variety in the landscapes, good house prices, fantastic rail and road links.

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