Dr Will Harris

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Dr Will Harris

What’s the best thing about being a GP?

Everybody I meet knows that I am trying to help them and I am able to treat every single person equally, regardless of background or wealth and that’s a huge luxury.

What are the worst things about being a GP?

Being a GP over the past five years has been really tough. There are demands on all aspects of the public sector but the ones I know about the most are growing and the ability and willingness of the tax payer or the government to meet that with a corresponding increase of funding has not kept pace.

Many people with jobs like GPs don’t have defined boundaries and they find that they’re being stretched to cover gaps. When you’re face to face with human beings who have a need, it’s impossible not to work a little bit longer and harder each year to continue to meet those needs.

This means the workload and working day is tough and a lot of GPs will tell you that’s one of the hardest things about the job.

If you were to give future GPs one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be really careful to consider what your own passion is alongside the needs that are dictated by purpose because by bringing what you’re passionate and interested into your job you’re able to give more, with it taking less from you.

I think that’s really important to stay fresh and have the stamina and the longevity to stay interested in people in the way that you need to do the job well.

Could you try and describe general practice in three words?

Diverse, meaningful and passionate.

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